Laser Direct Imaging

Laser Direct Imaging
Its direct imaging methodology is specifically designed for fine line (2mil/2mil) technology, to eliminate dimensional stability problem of artwork caused by environmental and material issues.

Circuitry design data can be directly extracted from customers' Gerber files and downloaded to the computer of LDI unit. This unit can then directly laser plot the circuitry pattern onto the panel, coated with laserable dry film resist. It thereby eliminates intermediate processes and thus reduces potential errors.

               Picture of Laser Direct Imaging Unit

Laser Drilling - CO2 Laser Drilling Machine
Laser drilling with conformal mask is a well-tested way to handle the microvia projects among PCB manufacturers. Yet, the additional photoimaging process for via pattern etching has a slight registration problem, which comes as a direct result of etching capability constraint. Therefore, drilling of copper layer by direct laser irradiation is a promising alternative. This technology is only properly employed when special surface pre-treatment is done to improve the surface topography of the copper layer, as well as to enhance the laser absorptivity on copper.

In fact, the copper direct laser drilling is capable of providing higher accuracy, better hole quality and better efficiency for HDI projects. The smallest hole size of it can go down to 2 mil.

            Picture of Laser Drilling Machine

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